As Singapore exited from its Circuit Breaker on 2 June, it marked the end of a nationwide experiment on social restrictions. Even as Singapore gradually resumes the reopening of her economy, Heartland Boy realizes that some components of his lifestyle have changed dramatically. As a white-collar worker not operating in essential services, Heartland Boy continues to work from home (‘WFH’). This change in lifestyle has altered the pattern of his household expenditure, although Heartland Boy is unsure if it would be for the short term or for the long haul. Here’s a look at how his lifestyle and household expenses have changed after the Circuit Breaker has been lifted.


Even as supermarkets stayed operational throughout the entire Circuit Breaker, they have to operate within a stringent set of regulations. As a result, long queues often form outside major supermarkets during peak hours.

Heartland Boy chose to minimise his visits to these pla