On 3rd June, I wrote a post to my lovely supporters on Patreon about an exponential growth stock that would be good to include in their portfolio and have since gain 75% in price, due to a takeover bid.

As our world shift towards sustainability, one stock caught my eye was Infigen energy (IFN) but also because I’ve was hedging for Aussie Dollar appreciation(which left me a sum of money in AUD).

A short summary about the company

Started in 2009, It develop, owns and operate renewable energy generation assets. It’s currently the largest wind energy supplier in Australia and recently reduce their gearing ratio to 46.9% (it started off with a high dependency on debt). On top of their wind plants, they own two gas plants and a battery company that is supplying Tesla’s electrical vehicles in AUS.

Macro overview

The desire for renewable energy is definitely rising due to the low running cost of using it