Craig Federighi is the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple.
He oversees the development of iOS and macOS.

He’s the guy that’s been doing quite a fair bit of presentation and demo during Apple’s various events.

He was invited to the University of California (UC), Berkeley, to share with the students on how to become ‘him’.
1. Do What You Love

Focus on the journey, not the destination.

If you do what you love, things you do during your spare time becomes things “that help you develop in your career”.

“If I have a moment on the weekend, I’m gonna be reading things about programming, I’m gonna be reading things about software or artificial intelligence, because that’s what I love!”
2. Work With People Whose Work you Admire

Seek to work with people who creates/develops products or services that you love.

Craig was drawn to NeXT because of the company’s products mesmerised him