TLDR? If you want to achieve your first 100k in 5 years, focus on your why, increase your income and save like a beast. Ultimately, for this first part of your journey, how fast you get there really depends on how much you push yourself.

Hey everyone, Mr S here. I hope you enjoyed our content last week about the journey of Kelvin Seetoh or Kelvestor and learnt a little bit more about the personal finance journey, what it takes and the approach that you can take to get there.

This week, I would like to share something special with you. And that is, how anyone can achieve their first $100,000 in 5 years.

$100k in 5 years… Sit with that for a moment and let it sink in.

Isn’t that something so magical? For many, it’s the very first time that you can utter the delectably delicious phrase, “I have a six-figure net-worth”. (Did you shudder from the excitement? I sure did).