What does it mean to hustle?

There are multiple variations of it, but I like to frame it as doing something you like and making it work.

A side hustle takes that concept and builds it into something tangible – in other words, you go pursue a hobby, a passion, or a side gig outside the work hours of your full time job.

To some people, the concept of side hustling is hard to grasp. Why would anyone want to waste personal time after work to… work?

After all, every one of us has just 24 hours a day and we strive to balance between work, play and rest. Some of us have families and other commitments too, which makes it harder to pursue something after work.

But I think it’s important to stress the word side – the goal isn’t to spend all your time and energy on it and disregard your day job and other commitments, but to spend small amounts of time