Jun was quite a volatile month as we saw the stock market recover to a point which was almost a breakeven point for my portfolio. It then lose steam abit and pulled back. Overall still quite a good month except that many companies had decided to hold back their dividends and I too suffered from dividend drought and had to tighten my belt abit haha

Period STI My Portfolio (Realised) Verdict
Jan 2020 -3.46% 7.18% I win

Feb 2020 -5.78% 3.23% I win

Mar 2020 -25.15% -15.38% I win

Apr 2020 -20.63% -6.57% I win

May 2020 -23.10% -9.99% I win

Jun 2020 -19.88% -8.28% I win

Total 25 stocks in portfolio