Would like to emphasise this to readers again as before : stay the course …. dont panic. this time its NOT different

Dividend by month

1) singtel Panasonic tai Cheung
2) sgx  starhillg fct sphreit cmt  capitacom mit suntec hsbank lian beng nam lee singpost LPI capital
3)   taisin  hsbank petronas capitaretail pbb clp manulife
4) hsbc dbs cimb
5) steng sgx  uob sph starhillg fct sphreit cmt cdg hcg Singre teckwah mit sci suntec  hlf ocbc ge ckh
6)  netlink hsbank maybank petronas Kc dbs hkland FLT clp manulife
7) singpost  tcil hsbc bochk aeon creditHK hk Beijing enterprises
8) singtel  plife  suntec ocbc  starhill sci kc steng fct singpost sphreit cmt ock  capitacom  siaen mit sats uob cdg sci ksh gpi dbs LPI capital
9)   hlf teckwah singre capitaretail  petronas hsbank ge hsbc ckh pbb clp wantwantchina Panasonic tai Cheung manulife
10) sgx tcil lian beng hkland hsbc  maybank bochk aeon creditHK hkbeijing enterprise
11) taisin sgx spost  starhillg fct cmt