The postnatal period (lasting between 4 to 6 weeks after birth) is a special time for mums to recuperate and rejuvenate from pregnancy and delivery. Unfortunately, with a seemingly 24/7 wailing newborn demanding your unwavering attention, recovery can feel incredibly out-of-reach. Worse still, most parents fail to spend enough time planning postpartum recovery. Thus, more stress is heaped to your already-sensitive state. To ensure that you get that much-needed rest after delivery and to help speed up your recovery, here are a few postpartum activities that can be well worth their cost.

A Postnatal Massage to Help You Heal Physically & Emotionally

A postnatal massage is a massage after pregnancy. Unlike a regular massage, a postnatal massage is specifically designed to take the physiology of women who have just delivered a baby into consideration. As such, the massage has varying degrees of pressure exerted and different focus points from a regular massage at the spa.