With the latest update for HDB Resales data released by www.data.gov.sg released in late May, I would like to share with you some of the key insights/trends observed from analysing data.

Below analysis is based on HDB Resales transaction data for the period (January 2017 to March 2020)

1) HDB Resales Overview

What better way to showcase a good overview of the HDB Resales data other than using a treemap. In this tree map, you could see at a glance what is the average transacted HDB resales price for various different flat types in the different towns.

From the size of the box, you could also tell the volume of transactions each of the various towns has. The bigger the box is, the higher the volume of the transactions is. If you hover around each of the box, you could obtain the exact number of transactions.

The colour of the box also determine how expensive the various district is. The more orange the box is, the less expensive the town is. Similarly, the more blue the box is, the more expensive the town is.

The colour changes from orange to blue