In the second quarter of the year, the US stock markets have staged a strong rebound from the massive sell-off in late March, which subsequently trailed off to a “Kangaroo market” as cited by CNBC. This is likely due to a mixture of optimism and pessimism. The former could be driven by the reopening of economies and stimulus measures and the latter was induced by jitters from mounting risk of a second wave of coronavirus cases. 

Furthermore, we are witnessing a series of bankruptcy and insolvency filings such as US car-rental company Hertz, German scandal-hit payments company Wirecard, US vitamin and nutrition chain GNC and Canadian entertainment firm Cirque du Soleil. 

But even in the dark clouds of Covid-19, there are silver linings. We have gradually regained the freedom that we may have taken for granted as Singapore has embarked on a phrased reopening from the 2-months “circuit breaker” period. Several entertainment