I am a stock investor and a Singaporean voter. I am curious about the connection between politics and the stock market – do general elections have an impact to the stock market performance?

Maybe not so for Singapore because it has been the same party ruling Singapore since independence. Policy continuity has ensured economic stability.

For curiosity sake, I wanted to see the data and present it to you too.

I began the review for the General Election in 1988 because Straits Times Index (STI) didn’t have history prior to that. I would check the 1 year performance of STI after a General Election has taken place, as well as the performance of STI between two elections.

3 Sep 1988

The PAP won 80 of the 81 seats with 63.2% of the total votes. This was the last election whereby PAP was led by Lee Kuan Yew. Chiam See Tong of SDP won the remaining seat. Low Thia Kiang debuted as WP’s candidate.