I didn’t do much in June to generate any side income, and still ended up having some income streaming in. This is the power of truly passive incomes. I didn’t end up doing any trades, because I was busy working on a new project/product that I’m aiming to unveil in July. I did get a small writing gig that paid $75, and 2 affiliate product income.

Therein lies the power of compounding multiple streams of small but 100% passive income streams, that over time can snowball into something meaningful.

Through my post about the MCO VISA card, I got 2 signups in June, yielding me $USD50 each.

Total sidehustle income for the month came up to S$214.

Sorry for this super short update, but I just wanted to be consistent in posting the income reports, and also as a reminder to toil away at testing and creating multiple income streams, no matter how small they initially may seem.