Transactions made in Jun 2020:
– Bought 1,500 units of SGX at $8.24
– Bought 3,500 units of Mapletree Ind Tr at $2.72

I made 2 purchases in the month of Jun. I bought SGX as I felt that the share price was oversold after the announcement that the license agreement with MSCI will not be renewed beyond February 21. There is still 8 months before the agreement ends and SGX’s management team has a proven track record. Thus far, SGX has shared a few news to make up for the shortfall in recent days. Some of the recent news include launching FTSE Taiwan Index futures on July 20 and acquiring remaining 80% of BidFX to bridge OTC and listed FX markets.

As for Mapletree Ind Tr, I bought the share the next day after the news came out that the stock will  join STI, replacing SPH on 22 Jun. Funds would typically purchase Mapletree Ind Tr in the lead up