I have finally completed the Early Retirement Masterclass course and ‘graduated’ as batch 14. It was not easy as I had to take care of my son during the weekends and rush home from work on weekdays, but I have managed to achieve my primary objective of creating a collective portfolio.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

While Christopher does well in explaining his concepts, it is challenging unless I put it into regular practice. Fortunately, we managed to build a portfolio that can last for a year giving us the time to hone our skills. It is unfortunate that I am unable attend the meetup with my course mates this Saturday due to father duties, but I will continue to engage them in our Telegram Chat and Facebook page. I am waiting for Dr Wealth to come back to me if I can meet up with course mates from future classes.

I initially wanted to build the portfolio using leverage, but I decided not to because of the time required to understand and monitor it regularly. While some brokers offer value added services to make margin trading easier for their clients, the money is ultimately mine and I would prefer to manage it on my own. (Special thanks to the Immortals for sharing their views and experience on leverage).

I also explored with Tiger Brokers and transferred money into it but I eventually decided not to because it is still new. Just to share – I performed two fund transfers into Tiger Brokers and it took about 1 business day and 2 business days to transfer the money out. (Special thanks to my blogger friend for offering a competitive brokerage fee).

Lazy Man Portfolio 2020 (rebooted)

There is an increased in REITS and Trusts stocks because ERM focus is on dividends from such stocks.

Although Hyflux and Eagle are listed as suspended in SGX, StocksCafe is still reflecting the value before there were suspended, but I have long decided that I will not get anything back.

My Little One (MoneyOwl)

Start Date: May 2020

Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Fixed Income

Investment Amount: $600 ($300 per month)

My Sweetheart and I (Endowus)

Start Date: Jun 2020

Allocation: 60% Equities, 40% Bonds

Investment Amount: $600 ($300 per month)

Let’s Beat CPF (Endowus)

Start Date: Jun 2020

Allocation: 80% Equities, 20% Bonds

Investment Amount: $5,000 lump sum from CPF-OA

Blog Update

I have completed the HTTPS migration.

Target this month:
1) Complete all image optimization
2) Clear my backlog of emails. Apologies to readers for my late response.

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