1. Getting your paperwork in order

Be organized, consider some sort of filing system for your CV, and all documents relating yo a particular interview. Print out at least 2 copies of CV 3 days before the interview

  1. Researching on the company

Some insights into the company’s history, products, markets, and the like is the basis for effective interviewing. Having researched this kind of information in advance  suggests your motivation, preparation, initiative, throughness to the employers

  1. Think about the potential questions

Think about the potential questions This will help you to get ready for the interview and also to feel relaxed, confident and capable

4.Getting from your front door to the interview

Arrive on time, preferably 10-15 minutes before the scheduled interview. Regardless of what your reason will be, if you are late for an interview, it is almost impossible to recover from getting off to a poor start.

5.Making a good impression