ETFs have been going in popularity because it is easy to trade on the exchange.

In addition, there are ETF’s for almost every investment idea.

If you are not familiar with ETFs, watch this production we did for you!

ETF Focus list 2020

If you understand ETFs then this list below is a good discussion point.

This list is complied by IFAST research published in June2020 and contains some of the regional and emerging market economies which I personally like.

*If it is NYSE: You’d need a US trading account. If it is SGX: You’d need a Singapore trading account.*

Let’s move next to the mistakes to avoid which I’ve promised.

Mistake Number 1: Buying the next HOT NEW THING!

Driverless cars, 3-D printing … you name it, there’s an ETF for that.

How about a Cloud computing ETF? It is definitely going to benefit from covid-19 right?

Check First Trust Cloud computing ETF SKYY listed in NYSE.