SPH share is in crisis. 22 June 2020 marked the end of 22 years of journey in the Straits Times Index (STI) for SPH, which was being replaced by Mapletree Industrial Trust. Given that the revamped STI was created by SPH in 1998, the latest development is indeed a terrible setback for SPH share price. But in my view, this move could be a strategy by the management to ward off short-selling attacks.

SPH share price in Halloween nightmare

SPH share price plunged to record 14-year low

SPH share price in disaster

From 2 December 2019, SGX has dramatically reduced the borrowing rates for index stocks from 6% to 0.5%. This means that if SPH continued to remain in the STI, SPH share price will be vulnerable to short-selling attacks. Currently, investors had loaned a massive 19.4 million of SPH shares to the SGX Securities Borrowing and Lending Pool (SBL).

Notwithstanding the above, SPH share price is likely to be bearish in the following months.