I had previously briefly written about my lucky break in property, and how we stumbled our way into becoming “property investors”. It has since become known as the “sell 1 buy 2 property” approach by property agents, and in the next few minutes I’ll elaborate more on this approach and the overarching strategy in mind when selecting the properties.

In summary, the past decade was about how we went from 1 HDB (the usual singaporean couple route) and parlayed our way into 2 private properties, with a huge dose of luck, of course.

The Premiere at Tampines, DBSS, 2007

Before my wife and I got married, we accompanied a few other coupe friends who were definitely more in the market for housing, to a viewing of Singapore’s first DBSS (Design, Build and Sell Scheme). This was touted as a designer HDB, where it was designed and built by private developers, but meant as public housing. This implied a certain premium, whether it was in the finishing or the design elements.