It was confirmed on May 28 that the Chinese government would start to carry out legislative work for a tailor-made national security law for Hong Kong.  Fear and uncertainty flooded the market. In the weeks that ensued, both the Hong Kong stock and property markets entered a state of flux, and the Hang Seng index witnessed some severe volatility.

During those period of volatility, I bought some more Link REIT shares, doubling my existing position on Link REIT.

I wrote about Link REIT back in February (  At that time, Hong Kong was going through a difficult time brought on by the protest movement, the pandemic and the US-China trade war.  Even so, I was confident then of Link REIT being an excellent stock on the account of its first-rate track record and superior growth potential.  And till today, my confidence in Link REIT remains unchanged. It’s still a mighty good stock to accumulate.