How to engage property agents is a question I get from people who are new to renting, buying, selling or leasing their homes. Since I relocated to Singapore 22 years ago, I had rented HDB and private homes, looked for condo units, houses and commercial properties to buy, as well as leased and sold my properties. In this video, I will share my personal experiences with you and answer some of the common questions you have about property agents:

  1. Is it a must to hire a property agent? Can you DIY?
  2. When and why do I get help from property agents?
  3. How do we define a good agent?
  4. How has the agency business changed over the years?
  5. Why do people say there are many bad agents?
  6. What are the chances of meeting good or bad agents?
  7. Is there a bad agency in the market?
  8. Should we engage the service of the top agents?