COVID-19 has sent the world into an economic frenzy, and Singapore hasn’t been spared from it.

We have seen unemployment rates climbing to its highest in a decade.

Some are concerned about how recession-proof their jobs truly are.

To help with the current situation, the government has previously pledged its support for job seekers during this difficult period.

sgunited skillsfuture jobs and skills package
Source: Skillsfuture SG

One of the biggest initiatives rolled out was the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, which aims to support close to 100,000 job seekers.

This package aims to expand job, traineeship, and skills training opportunities to support Singaporeans affected by the economic impact of COVID-19.

Besides gaining job-related skills and capabilities, job seekers would also gain access to more employment opportunities.

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Source: Tenor

The SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package includes various initiatives to cater to different employment needs.

Here are the initiatives which are included in this comprehensive package: