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Under One Roof: Your Ultimate Guide to 3Gen Flats
By Seedly  •  July 9, 2020
Getting married in Singapore is no easy feat. Going through a lengthy list of wedding preparations (while trying hard to plan for a financially responsible wedding) sounds difficult enough. But also having to go through the emotional turmoil of leaving your parents after 30 years, after being well-fed and happy under their care.
Source: GIPHY So… what if you are offered the option to have a bigger space and having the ability to have your parents continue staying with you? Without having to fork out money for a private property? If you love the idea of having everyone under one roof, we introduce to you – 3Gen flats. We will be going through the following: What is a 3Gen Flat?
3Gen Flat features
How do you qualify for a 3Gen flat?
How to apply for a 3Gen flat
Advantages of a 3Gen flat...
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By Seedly
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