There has been a lot of negatives about this pandemic. In reality it has. Many people died from it. Many will have long term suffering. In many countries, many has lost their jobs. Cory was hit  when the portfolio came down as much as  -25% at one point. Interestingly, the investment remains and not waiver.

As today, the portfolio has fully recovered. What’s more. Here’s my list to put up in positive perspectives during this period.

  1. Theoretical Annual Dividends increased by 10k with similar portfolio size. That’s probably 20% increase in dividends.

  2. Birth of 2nd daughter. Bringing home a premature baby girl has it challenges but we are happy to have a second child. Ability to work from home helps my wife significantly as we take turns doing all the needed at home.

  3. Company re-org resulting I need to also manage Europe and America staffs. So working from home