My wife and I have been thinking about buying land in rural Thailand and growing palm as a cash crop. Thus, we made a few inquiries and make a trip to the depths of Phang Nga province in Southern Thailand to investigate.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Geography of Thailand, Phang Nga province is about a 90 minute drive from Phuket, nestled deep in lush hilly jungles of the south.

Here’s a map for your info. You can see Phuket at the extreme south of the map which links to Phang Nha via a bridge (see pic below)

Phang Nga Province - Wikipedia

By the way, as most foreigners making this trip are coming from Phuket, I’ll let you into some local knowledge. While crossing Sarasin Bridge from the Phuket into Phang Nha, make a you turn as soon as you get off off the bridge and make your way to the water front. Here you’ll stumble upon