There were many occasions I panicked, and worried about what is to come.

During my uni days, an exchange program with PRC undergraduates cause me to suffer from inferior self-complex for years. I was with a Singapore delgate of scholars and pupils in Dean List. I laugh aloud that my lecturer must not have know the criteria for the exchange program. I am then the neighborhood average friendly spider.

Just when I thought I should not compare and focus on my strength, I realised the PRC scholars are doing masters and PHD. How will I catch up with them, how to I even compete?

Looking back, life has been good to me. I might have been a Coporate high flier, but I have no complains. One step at a time.

When I started investing, I wanted very much to have a big portfolio. When I read bloggers with eye popping dividends and stock gains, I was jealous, and again a sense of inferiority wash over me.