It should be cleared by now that Minor wave (b) of Intermediate wave ((c)) of Primary wave 4 has ended on 29th Jun 2020 at 2572.23.  The rebound for the past 8 days shall be the Minor wave (c) of Intermediate wave ((c)).  Of these 8 days, STI reached an intra-day high of 2707.67 on 7th Jul 2020 before pulling back to an intra-day low of 2652.07 on 9th Jul 2020.  This pull back should be the Minute wave b of the Minor wave (c) of Intermediate wave ((c)).  How low will be the pull back ?  A 38% to 79% Fibonacci ratio is the guideline so be prepared for this range.  Just for record, Minor wave (b) at 2572.23 is 76.5% pull back.  At 2652.07, the pull back is 41.1% Fibonacci ratio, fits well into the 38% to 79%.  Minute degree has a time frame of days, the pull back only happened for 2 days so STI could experience another few more days of pull back to hit the 79% ratio.

How long Minor wave (c) to complete the Intermediate wave ((c)) and Primary wave 4 ?