The 2020 General Election results solidify as legions of election officials worked tirelessly for hours to count all 2.5 millions votes through the night.

And since it is election year, there may be a steady stream of opinions from pundits and prognosticators about how the political uncertainty of elections can weigh on stock markets.
Still, it does offer a thought-provoking idea to explore the impact general elections have on the stock market performance.
While there exists no crystal ball to predict the future of the stock market, we may instead look to the history for some interesting patterns on the interplay between politics and the market.

The Python step-by-step analysis will be shared so that we can all learn a little programming at the same time. I will be using the Jupyter Notebook which is a free open-source web application. To install any of the package used, one can simply use the command, “pip install