I waited after the General Election to write this article. As a Financial Blogger, I do not wish that my writing to have political effect on the GE. As much as I am interested in the topic of Finance, I followed closely on the Politics of Singapore. After all, Singapore is a place that I had grown up, and I love my country! This is also the home for my kids, and it is of great concern to me for their future.

Yesterday, 10 July is Singapore 18th General Election and more than 2.5 millions Singaporeans headed to the poll. Without surprise, the PAP has the super majority, winning 83 out of the 93 Parliamentary seats (i.e. ~90 percent of the seats). Nonetheless, the actual percentage of valid votes won is a pale comparison to the seats won, falling from 69 percent in the 2015 election to 61 percent this year. This is one of the most dismal performances by the ruling party with the exception of the 2011 election.