I hope you have time for this. It is a long read (hopefully timely for you).

  1. Do you appreciate time enough?

People like talking about how busy they are, as if it is a sign of success. Perhaps it is for some, but for most of us, it is a just a sign of being out of control.

Lack of time = lack of priorities.

“Those who cannot appreciate time have the most money problems.” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. Time vs money

An illogical way in which we value the two commodities time and money:

An abundance of money is considered a status symbol, while an abundance of time is considered shameful.

Is that why there’s a premium on busyness –  on having a deficit of time?

Why are we so willing to trade in our time for money when time is limited but money is not?

“Give time a higher value as compared to money. Earning more money generally means having less time