Be it taking up projects as a side income, wanting more flexibility and job satisfaction, or the increased demand for specialised individual skills, the gig economy is expected to grow significantly. The fast-changing landscape of the gig economy belies the financial struggles of its beneficiaries, such as cash-flow management and personal liability.

In this webinar, Benjamin Loh shares his experience working part-time when he was schooling, his switch from a corporate sales role to a freelancer, and his eventual transition to a business owner. He reveals some of his money management struggles and the lessons that he has learned from his freelancing days, and some of the common challenges he has observed amongst his peers.

0:31 Benjamin’s Introduction

12:52 Moonlighting for additional income

14:15 Legal consideration around Moonlighting

33:04 Money tips for the freelancer

53:02 Should Freelancers use CPF?

59:31 Final message from Benjamin