On 1 April 2020, the top 3 local banks announced revisions to their respective flagship savings accounts. Strangely, Heartland Boy actually experienced an increase in interest rates with the OCBC 360 Account because it reduced interest rate on segments that did not affect him. However, he knew that this would not last long as it would be difficult for the bank to constantly swim against the tide (when Fed reduced interest rates to near zero!) Indeed, both OCBC 360 and SCB JumpStart Accounts recently announced that they will be reducing their interest rates effective from 1 July 2020. UOB One and DBS Multiplier will also reduce their interest rates from 1 August 2020. Find out how you would be affected if you are a customer and where I plan to move my money to. Additionally, earn up to $300 cash and possibly win a Nintendo Switch when you sign up for credit cards during SingSaver’s Mid-Year Promotion (more details below