Don’t worry – You are not going to witness a turnaround story of a stupid turtle that went on and became a PHD, Medical Doctor or Lawyer.

There has been much talks, discussion and debates on PSLE
scores and how it “shape” and “pre-determine” your future.

Much had been said around PSLE examination over the years
and Old Turtle was one of the product (or victim) from the past and existing Singapore educational system.

Education Profile:

Primary School – PLSE: 182 (6 years)

Secondary School – Normal Academic (5 years)

Polytechnic Diploma (3 years)

National Service (2 years)

Bsc Degree (4 years Part time studies)

MBA (18 months Part time studies)

I remembered when my mum saw my PSLE result, she said,
everyone in our family was studying 4 years and you were the first one studying 5 years. I kept silent but in my heart, I knew she was disappointed my result and more importantly worried about his only child’s future in this competitive Singapore economy.