Since the circuit breaker, my groceries expenses had increased significantly – I need to provide three meals a day to my family.

I have been using the NTUC Plus! Visa card happily because all the while I thought it gave the best cashback since I usually shop at the local NTUC nearby.

I mean, it says up to 12% cashback at NTUC right? I blissfully applied and trusted the marketing a few years ago and have been using it without questioning.

However, it was brought to my attention recently that I was getting nowhere near the 12%.

A Deeper Look Into The NTUC Plus! Visa Card Complicated Reward System.

The card rewards link points which can be redeemed at NTUC grocery stores. Every 150 points equals to $1. In other words, every point is worth $0.00667

The base reward is for every $1 spend in NTUC, you get two link points. Two link points is worth $0.0133. So you get 1.33 cents for every dollar spent (1.33% rebate).