Many of us know what is CPF because a portion of our pay is always “locked” to it. But in the current low interest environment, did you know the CPF system is probably the best money hack available to grow our wealth for retirement? One way is through the CPF Retirement Top Up Scheme.

CPF Retirement Sum Topping Up Scheme (RTSU)


CPF RTSU is a scheme which allows us to make voluntary cash contributions into our CPF Special Account (CPF SA). The money goes into your SA which then grows over time.

If you like most Singaporeans have to continuously work to make ends meet, there is an extremely high chance that at age 55 (or later), you will be able to withdraw and enjoy the RTSU top up amount you have put in.

Benefit 1: High and Stable Interest

The CPF Special Account gives you 4% interest and is backed by the Singapore Government.