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Your emotions must support the goal you are after. You must operate without anxiety.

The objective of investment is serenity, and serenity can only be achieved without anxiety, and to avoid anxiety you need to know who you are and what you are doing.

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Why DBS is his most hated one in 2008?


Great pain in his ass!

In 2008, when every other day, he read bad news and prediction of Great Depression 2.0 coming. It could last more 10 years! His thought of Ah Boi and Ah Ger going to university in August 2009 getting him more worries. 

Where is the money? 

Simi Create Wealth in the Stock Market???

It is more like Destroy Wealth!!!


His lampar shrunk!

Great pain in his ass became real!

His most hated one: DBS!

Those who leave early may be saved, but the music and wines are so seductive