Won’t it be cool to see what are the highest frequencies words that appear on your website? What do you write about most of the time? That is what a word cloud is and that is the objective of this article.

I came across the Python word cloud as I was going through Google’s Python Crash Course on Coursera. Now I am back to learning Python again as the markets are overvalued. There is nothing to buy and hence nothing to write. So might as well invest in oneself and do some other cool & interesting stuff.

1. Intuitive Explanation of Python Project

The goal of this project is to write a python script that counts the frequency of every single word. I have published a total of 76 blog posts and they are all dispersed across 6 different categories. You can see them at the top menu header of my website: Stocks, REITs, Crypto, Technical Analysis, Python and Personal Thoughts.