In one of my previous article about factor-based portfolios offered by Roboadvisors, I compared two opposite strategies of factor-based investing – growth, large-cap and low volatility against value, small-cap and profitability. Dimensional Funds Advisor (DFA), or Dimensional Funds, which I had mentioned in that article, seek to capture higher returns by applying evidence-based research into investment solutions. They achieve that by constructing a broad market portfolio tilted towards small-cap, value and profitability factors. For more information, you may refer to these two articles which talk more about Dimensional funds.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Funds for Singaporeans – My Comprehensive Guide by Investmentmoats

Dimensional Funds: Are They Worth Their Weight In Gold? by newacademyoffinance.

You can also try Googling “DFA vs Vanguard” to find many more articles about it. The only issue is that regular retail investors do not have access to Dimensional Funds. You may only access these funds via