I have 2 friends who have started investing, and we have had several chats. I thought I give my coherence thoughts here, what I think are important steps to take.

1) Read, read and read

Understand investment methods, understand business model. Yes, as a retailer, we can never be as good as an insider, but if you are not interested in understanding the business model, maybe the technical analysis route is better for you. Even then, there are plenty to read about TA (Technicial Analysis)

I do fundemental analysis, so I recommend the following reads.

  • Best classic – The intelligent investor  by Benjamin Graham (Read Chapter 8 and 20 again and again)
  • Best classification of companies –  One up in Wall Street by Peterlynch
  • Best research checklist – Common stocks, uncommon profits by Philip Fisher
  • Best industry analysis – The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing by Pat Dorsy
  • Best execution ideas – The art of execution by Lee Freeman
  • Best Earning modeling analysis – Common stock, Common Sense by  Edgar Wachenheim III