Some of us may have probably heard of “Domestic Tourism” in recent months. It refers to citizens being a tourist in their own country for holidaying purpose. Well known examples of domestic tourism are the Japanese visiting Hokkaido during late spring/ Okinawa during the winter months or Koreans visiting Jeju Island. 
In recent times, our government has been trying to spur the tourist dollar by having campaigns and encouraging Singaporeans to visit our own attractions and have staycations; but truthfully, it is implausible that I can plan a 3 days itinerary to Jurong to visit attractions.

To me, it is an issue that seems to be under-rated by investors in Singapore now. Tourists are one of the most price insensitive consumers and are willing to spend money to unwind and try new things. Singapore on the other hand does not have a domestic tourism market at all.
The lack of a