Alright so let’s do this. Quite a few changes made this month.

Name Bought price Current Price Market Value Gain/Loss (SGD)
Temasek 3.625% 102.2 118.913 USD $297,000 59,331
Commerzbank 7% perpetual 106.85 100.044 USD $200,000 -19,329
HSBC 5% perpetual 104.4 100.1 SGD $250,500 -10,750
Pimco Income Fund 4% 10.08 9.89 SGD $216,000 – 4,147
Lifelong Income Whole life plan SGD $220,000
Sum SGD $1.38m $25,000
Correct as of 25 Jul 2020

Leveraged Portfolio

I have sold my Credit Suisse bond at 99.5. Together with the coupons I received so far, made a loss of about $4,500 for holding 8 months. I think this is acceptable given how bad prices were, and the gloomy outlook for banks. While I don’t think the banks will collapse, it makes sense for me to lower my risks. I’ve redeployed the cash into a lifelong income plan, as detailed here.

Prices of all my bonds improved, and the leveraged portfolio is now positive, with a $25,000 gain. It doesn’t count the coupons, which should be about $40,000 or 10% of my initial capital. I’m projected to have total returns of around $60,000 from this portfolio.