You’ve bought your first condo unit for rental income, and all the numbers seem in order – you have your tenant, they’re paying the utilities, and the property taxes are more than covered.

Then three months in, the maintenance bill arrives, and you feel that cold wind take your breath away. In your case, it’s well over $1,200 every quarter; and you suddenly realise you’re making much less money than expected.

Condo maintenance bills are a whole different issue compared to HDB conservancy fees, and it’s one of the first big shockers you face if you’ve just upgraded, or never bought a private property before.

So for first-time investors or aspiring landlords, we’ve hunted down some condos that have shown top rental yields, as well as the lower-end of maintenance fees.

A note on how we derived the numbers

For the following properties, we are showing the gross rental yield. This is based