Aercap (NYSE:AER) reported 2Q2020 earnings this week and results have shown that they are the surprise winner in the airline industry selloff.

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Q2 2020 Highlights

In Q2 2020, Aercap reported net income of $246 million and earnings per share of $1.92. Net income for 1H20 was $523 million and our EPS was $4.06. This was 21% lower yoy.

Revenue for 2Q20 was $1.197bil, a decrease from $1.281 billion last year. Lease rents were down 12% due to a combination of;

  1. lease restructurings and extensions at lower rates. This means the remaining rental payments will be spread over the remaining term of the original lease plus the extension period.
  2. rental payments deemed no longer probable. Airline customers accounts for about 15% of their aggregate lease revenue.