I had the fastest gains I ever had on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) since I first started a position on 16 Jul 2020. Currently I’m sitting on nearly 33% profit, or almost USD $20,000.

As this is the first time I really hit a home run, I’m pretty happy.

It also led to to thinking how I made the decision to buy it.

Decision-making Process

I didn’t scroll through forums asking what to buy and is the price good. I didn’t use a stock screener to filter “good” companies. No financial statements or ratios were looked at.

The main reason I bought was because I loved my new USD $600 laptop. It might sound cheap, but the performance and specs beat laptops here that cost twice or three times as much.

I wasn’t the only one who felt it was a great deal. AMD laptops were reaching #1 on Amazon charts. I read user reviews and Youtube videos on CPU benchmarks. Gamers were cheering the CEO, an Asian