For a review of tiger brokers by seedly,you can refer to here!

As for creating an account with tiger brokers ,you can refer to here!

In this learning/trading investing post,i am going to show how to fund your tiger brokers account!

For Singaporean investors, we would just simply do a bank transfer to the tiger broker account number

So,why choose tiger brokers as a brokerage?


Good customer service, when my account wasn’t funded after about an hour,i give tiger brokers a call and my account fund was immediately updated after 5min.
Tiger is probably the cheapest brokerage available for singaporean resident out there to invest in sg stock and US stock(refer to fees table below)
Unlike interactive broker,it does not have a monthly activity fees of $10.

New and established broker,may not be reputatable as existing singaporean brokers such as dbs vickers
Must transfer money to your custodian bank account assign to you and they will update your account