Why do we invest? The most common reason I hear is to keep the scrounge of inflation at bay. Personally, I invest because I find the whole process cognitively and emotionally stimulating. Inflation is relative mild in Singapore, we could lose more in investment than inflation, so I didn’t really bother about Inflation.

How much money does it cost to buy u happiness then? How long does it lasts? What quality of happiness does it give.

I personally again, feel that as I man whore, I feel money does buy some happiness for me. I quite enjoy having a good meal at a restaurant before Covid. I really appreciate the convenience of a car.

For people who felt that money can’t buy any happiness at all, my contact is at the right corner of the blog, I can help u spend some.

But, I think we do have to keep our emotional state healthy, just like keeping the economy healthy. There should not be hyperinflation of happiness.