Frontken Corporation Berhad (FCB) (KLSE:FRONTKN) is a leading service provider of advanced precision cleaning and surface treatment for semiconductor process chamber parts and repair and maintenance services for the oil and gas industry.  To date, the group has facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, with 1,130 employees.

The stock has been a multi-bagger for its investors, its share price has grown over 1,100% in value over the past 5 years.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Frontken’s business profile, management, and financials, to assess whether the company is suitable for investment.

Business overview

FCB provides the following service using its surface metamorphosis technology to its customers:

(a) advanced thermal spray coating services;

(b) advanced precision cleaning, recycling and refurbishment services; and
(c) advanced materials engineering research and development support services.

Source: Company WebsiteThe group’s surface metamorphosis technology consists of:

  • Core Technologies – the group’s