2 of my clients had parents pass away in the last month, and one of them had a girlfriend die.

As a result, seeing FI-35 online somewhat lamenting his mortality has hit home a bit more for me recently.

FI-35 is a guy (no clue who he is, nor am particularly interested) who achieved Financial Independence in one of the most bittersweet ways possible – through surviving cancer and claiming a tremendous amount on Critical Illness Insurance policies.

FI-35 is not the greatest Financial Blogger and I’ve corrected him a few times publicly where he is most financially misinformed.

But he seems to be going through some kind of rough patch that has made him question his mortality, and subsequently – his cash flow or legacy in the future.

There’s not been a time in my life since my grandmother’s death – and right now, that I’ve seriously, seriously contemplated my own mortality.

FI-35’s Question: Are Private Annuity Plans Superior? …fufufu

This is something that began to leak out from his writing.

And I kind of felt bad.

As a writer myself, even though I primarily took the position of a critic on some of his poorer writings,