Time flies, Baby Ong is about 5 months old already! We just did the week 20/fetal anomaly scan recently and we are glad that she’s growing up healthily. Shall take some time off this long weekend to blog about our experiences so far.

Gynae Review Raffles Hospital – Dr Shamini Nair A few days after we knew about the pregnancy (week 5/6), CZM noticed some light bleeding/spotting and we panicked. We have not even research or decided on a gynae to visit and was simply googling for the nearest gynae. Called 2 of them but they were fully booked and eventually managed to book an appointment at Raffles Women’s Centre.
After understanding what happened, Dr Shamini was very assuring, told us not to worry and explained the possible reasons for spotting. After which, she suggested doing 2 blood tests (2 days apart) to see if the hCG