A lot of readers have asked me for my view on SATS.

With a chart like the below, it’s not that hard to see why too. You’re getting this stock at close to 50% cheaper than where it was in Jan 2020, just 6 months ago. That’s a 100% upside if it ever goes back there.

Source:  ShareInvestor WebPro

Lots to cover today, so let’s jump right into it.

Note: The research for this article, and most of the charts here, are sourced from ShareInvestor Webpro. It’s a great way to quickly perform research on Singapore stocks, far more comprehensive and flexible than other options like Yahoo Finance.

You can learn more in my review on ShareInvestor Webpro  here.

Basics: What is SATS? 

Very simply, SATS is Asia’s leading provider of (1) Gateway Services and (2) Food Solutions

Gateway Services are things like Cargo handling and Passenger baggage handling.