You have to know this… E-sports and gaming is a huge AND growing industry. Our next generation will have more who are full timers in it. Hence, maybe it’s good to know abit. This article is on a streamer who makes a huge amount gaming. Towards the end of this article, I’d share how she manages her money… Who is she… this gaming millionaire! If you play FORTNITE or League of Legends, you’d probably know Pokimane. Her real name is Imane Anys (alias, Pokimane). She is a Moroccan Canadian content creator with a huge fan following of more than 5m subs on youtube and 5m followers on Twitch TV. I didn’t know about Twitch TV until recently. If you’re clueless too, it’s a streaming platform focused on gaming. It is owned by Above is an estimated net worth of her networth at $2m at the age of 24!